simonlib® is the first tool created especially for quality evaluation of libraries and libraries network.

More than 5000 libraries in Italy and in Europe use simonlib® since many years

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Through the analysis of quality and quantity indicators, and their correlation, simonlib® helps data analysis of library management, counting on real support of own data in order to realize plans for improvement of its services.


The use of advanced tools for evaluation and self-assessment, allows a single library as well as the library networks, to compare the performance of its data, both in comparison with other similar structures and also with temporary function.


The tools for evaluation and self-evaluation which is equipped simonlib®, allows the individual library and the library networks, to compare their data of temporary evolution as well as in relation to similar structures.

Each library has its own “measures”- evaluate them with simonlib®

simonlib® is a modular and extensible solution. With minimal effort of analysis and configuration, it can be adapt to the needs of the application context.

Administering Questionnaires

simonlib® supports the collection of information through questionnaires to a target of identified structures.

Data Aggregation

simonlib® aggregates heterogeneous data from origin and size, collected through questionnaires as well as data collected by other applications.

Analysis and Measurement

Through the analysis of qualitative, quantitative and complex indicators, simonlib® calculates the performance of single libraries and structured libraries network.

Evaluation and Comparison

simonlib® compares indicators obtained with models, scenarios and reference trends, facilitating the processes of decision support (DSS).


The outputs of the analysis for performance evaluation are organized and presented in a way that facilitates understanding and self-assessment through charts, graphs and dashboards.

Data Container

With simonlib® you can collect and store all the data regarding complex hierarchical structures, territorially distributed, so that a historical and temporal evaluation is possible any time.

All features of simonlib®

  • Online questionnaires

  • Data aggregation

  • Performance comparison

  • Performance measurement

  • Performance evaluation

  • Benchmarking

  • Scenarios placement

  • Reporting

  • Self-evaluation

  • Historical data storage

  • H24 access through the web

  • Web trouble ticketing

  • On-line manuals

  • Role management

  • Evaluation of ad hoc profiles, immediately availables


Who is behind simonlib®?

simonlib® lives thanks to the passion and experience of a great, little team. We animate various skills and the desire is to grow together our product and our customers. Therefore, simonlib® is a well-established company with more than 10 years of experience.

Our Customers

since 2005 simonlib® is used by more than 5000 libraries in Italy and Europe:

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    simonlib® is developed and marketed by XSYSTEMS through its offices in Italy.